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​Yuki Shimizu MD, PhD


University: Graduated from University of Occupational and Environmental Health in 2002
2010 Graduate School of Occupational and Environmental Health, Doctor of Medicine
Start of work: April 2014
2002 Iwamizawa Rousai Hospital Orthopedic Clinical Intern
2003 Nishinihon Hospital Orthopedic Clinical Resident
2004 Hamawaki Orthopedic Hospital, Orthopedic Surgery
2006 Entered Graduate School of Medicine, University of Occupational and Environmental Health
2010 Kyushu Rosai Hospital Moji Medical Center Orthopedic Surgery
2011 Fukuoka Occupational Health Research Institute

Part-time doctor, University of Occupational and Environmental Health Wakamatsu Hospital Part-time doctor, Fukuoka Sports Clinic
2016 Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Wakamatsu Hospital, University of Occupational and Environmental Health
2018 Associate Professor, Nippon Sport Science University

Team doctor history:
2006-2008 Oita Trinita team doctor
2006-2013 Kyushu International University Senior High School soccer team team doctor
2007 National Training Center West Japan Associate Doctor
Women's Pre-Universiade Women's Training Camp Accompanied Doctor U-13 Japan National Team Domestic Training Camp Accompanied Doctor
2007-2013 New Wave Kitakyushu (now Giravanz Kitakyushu) team doctor
2008-2009 All Japan University Selected Football Men's Accompanying Doctor
2009 Universiade (Belgrade) Japan National Football Team Men's Team Doctor
2010 All Japan University Selected Domestic Training Camp Doctor
2013- Tokyo Verdy team doctor
All Japan University Football Association Medical Committee
2014 Tokyo Verdy Chief Team Doctor
2015-2016 Nagano Parceiro team doctor
2017-Yokohama F Marinos Team Doctor, Youth Team Team Doctor

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