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Consultation hours:

Tuesday and Thursday 9:00-19:00

Wednesday 9:00-16:30


Closed days: Mondays, Friday afternoons, weekends and holidays

Medical information

Physician/specialist outpatient

For physicians and specialty outpatients,

Please refer to the University of Occupational and Environmental Health Wakamatsu Hospital website (below).

Guidance of medical treatment according to each disease

ankle foot

Treatment with ultrasound-guided nerve blocks has been introduced.  Traditional palpation Diagnosis based on physical findings and imaging findings such as X-rays and MR are important, but in addition to that, cutting-edge nerve block treatment based on diagnostic imaging by ultrasound is also important. We are introducing technology. It has become possible to identify the cause of pain that could not be discovered until now, and to provide patients with higher quality treatment methods.   With that method, it is now possible to improve the pain of the patient that could not be resolved until now.  Post-arthroscopy knee pain, hip pain, hip pain, and other symptoms for which the cause was unknown until now. Inferior nerve blocks have the following major advantages:

1. No x-ray exposure (safe)

2. Soft tissues such as blood vessels and muscles can be punctured while being directly observed (accurate treatment is possible). Especially recently, hydro-release using physiological saline under ultrasound guidance has almost no side effects and confirms the cause of pain. and can relieve pain. There is a concept that the main cause of groin pain is hip joint pain, but if you have symptoms such as pain that does not go away after surgery, it is difficult to raise the thigh, or it is difficult to apply force to the thigh, the nerve called the femoral nerve is constricted. Nerve pathways may be narrowed due to pressure around the wrist. While observing the FN femoral nerve just outside the FA femoral artery with ultrasound, a needle is inserted to inject saline into the surrounding iliac muscle and inguinal ligament to release the constricted part of the nerve. The way it works is groundbreaking. If you inject a conventional local anesthetic, you don't know if the anesthetic paralyzes the nerve entrapment or not. By replenishing water to the part that was strangled, you can see that physiological saline dramatically restores muscle strength. Pain and numbness are often improved. The above methods can also restore the nerves deep in the buttocks. As an orthopedic surgeon, I work closely with the anesthesiologist of our hospital to manage pain.

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