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High tibial osteotomy

~For patients and their families~

Knee osteoarthritis is said to affect about 25 million people in Japan alone, mainly middle-aged and elderly women, and is expected to further increase as the population ages. Surgical treatment may be effective if conservative treatment fails.

This booklet is for those who need the surgery, especially for high tibial osteotomy.
(HTO surgery: High Tibial Osteotomy, abbreviated HTO)
In addition to deepening the understanding of surgery for those who are undergoing surgery, we will also participate in comparisons with other surgeries.
I made it because I want you to think about it.
As well as eliminating your doubts and anxieties, you can return to work and exercise as soon as possible after surgery.
I sincerely hope that you will return to your hobby.

High tibial osteotomy cuts the shinbone (tibia), changes the inclination, and changes the axis of the thighbone and shinbone, aiming to reduce the burden on the damaged part of the knee joint. .

High tibial osteotomy is for…
As an absolute condition, it is suitable if the outside of the knee joint is not broken. Other conditions include those who work hard, those who often stand and squat at work, and those who are too young to receive artificial joints.

The advantage is...
In many cases, surgical wounds are small, joints are preserved, there are relatively few restrictions on daily life after surgery, sports are possible, and sitting on the floor is possible.

The downside is...
There are problems such as complete pain relief, long time required for bone attachment (bone fusion), and aesthetic problems.

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