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sports arthroscopy



Attitude to show respect and learn from patients We always listen to patients' voices in response to their complaints and provide medical treatment while empathizing with them.

Respect the medical team, including medical staff, and emphasize teamwork

We will provide humble and dedicated medical care with the attitude of "whether or not it is the kind of medical care that you and your family would want to receive".


Wakamatsu Sports Orthopedic Surgery Authorized Logo

Our orthopedic department is in charge of diagnosis, research, and education of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. In order to improve and maintain the health of the musculoskeletal organs of working workers, students and athletes engaged in sports activities, early diagnosis is possible at our hospital equipped with the latest 3 Tesla MR and CT. do.

If the condition does not improve with conservative therapy, early treatment and early rehabilitation using minimally invasive joint endoscopy called an arthroscope are very useful.
weIn all sincerityI will treat you. I believe that thinking about treatment together from the patient's point of view is necessary to establish a relationship of trust between the patient and us medical professionals, and for the treatment to go well. Its root isIt depends on whether the treatment is what you and your family want to receive.I think.

For that reason, I always respect my patients, intend to provide the best treatment in the world, and work hard day and night to improve my surgical skills.

Medicine is not a building or an instrument, but ultimately a "Man"is. We are constantly striving to provide the best possible treatment for each patient.



​Various sports injuries

Our orthopedics and sports arthroscopy team uses arthroscopes (endoscopes for joints) to perform early diagnosis, early treatment, and early rehabilitation with minimal invasiveness. In particular, hip arthroscopy boasts the largest number of cases in Asia. In addition, we have presented new findings obtained from the treatment of patients both in Japan and overseas, and our achievements have been recognized by overseas academic societies.

We mainly perform the following surgeries for each joint disorder and movement.

  1. Knee joint: arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, posterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, meniscus suture, meniscectomy, medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction, autologous bone cartilage transplantation for cartilage defects, and autologous cultured cartilage We provide state-of-the-art treatment by cell transplantation.

  2. Shoulder: arthroscopic Bankart repair for shoulder dislocation, Bankart brist surgery, rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic superior capsular reconstruction for extensive rotator cuff tear

  3. Elbow joint: arthroscopic elbow debridement for osteoarthritis of the elbow, arthroscopic osteochondral fixation for osteochondritis dissecans, autologous osteochondral transplantation

  4. Ankle: arthroscopic Brostrom Gould method for lateral ligament instability, ligament reconstruction, repair and braking for peroneus tendon dislocation, autologous osteochondral transplantation for talus osteochondral disorder

  5. Hip: Arthroscopic osteochondral correction, labral repair, arthroscopic labral reconstruction for hip impingement, arthroscopic extirpation, synovectomy, hipbone for hip synovial osteochondromatosis The world's first arthroscopic shelvoplasty for acetabulum dysplasia

Wakamatsu Hospital Orthopedic Surgery Policies and Goals



Wakamatsu Hospital Orthopedic Surgery needs to fulfill its responsibilities as a core hospital in the region and continue to develop with a well-developed educational system in line with the new medical specialist system.

Currently, orthopedics specializes mainly in joint surgery, such as sports orthopedics and artificial joints. When the hospital first opened, the first director, Dr. Sata, said that it would be fine to use the name Sports Arthroscopy Center, but since there was no track record yet, they did not announce it widely, and said that they would wait until they had achieved some results.

Nine and a half years have passed since the hospital opened, and based on the skills and knowledge that we have cultivated, we now treat many patients who are referred not only from Kyushu, but also from university hospitals and basic hospitals in the Kanto and Kansai regions. doing. We are able to provide world-class hip joint and arthroscopic surgery (knees, feet, elbows, shoulders), so we have widely announced the names Sports Arthroscopy Center and Hip Joint Center, and will continue to contribute greatly to the community in the future. , I would like to make efforts to have many patients visit us not only from outside the prefecture but also from overseas.

In addition to daily clinical practice, the University of Occupational and Environmental Health and the Wakamatsu University of Occupational and Environmental Health have the motto of respecting research, lifestyle, and patients, humbly devoting themselves to everything, continuing to work hard, and always doing their best. I would like to contribute to the development of the hospital. We would like to continue to contribute to the development of the hospital by cooperating closely with the teachers of other departments, so we ask for your warm support and guidance.


the study

Since 2006, I have been working as an assistant professor at the university, and since 2011, I have been working at the Wakamatsu Hospital of the University of Occupational and Environmental Health. We have treated a large number of patients from all over the country as outpatients and performed arthroscopic surgery. Prospectively or retrospectively, we examine surgical results and conduct clinical research. Sports orthopedics treats a wide variety of diseases, including elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Over the past five years, we have accumulated more than 3,800 cases of arthroscopic surgery. In the knee joint, development of new surgical techniques for posterolateral instability [Ohnishi et al. 2017 Arthroscopy Techniques] Reported differences in outcomes by age and surgical method for the lateral discoid meniscus [Ohnishi et al. 2018 Knee] In the elbow joint, we developed a new arthroscopic fixation technique using bioabsorbable pins for osteochondritis dissecans, and reported good results. [Uchida et al. Am J Sports Med 2015] In particular, the hip joint has experienced the highest number of cases in Japan. Among them, we clarified the factors for the poor results of arthroscopic surgery for acetabular dysplasia (DDH). [Uchida et al. Am J Sports Med 2016, Hatakeyama et al. Am J Sports Med 2018] Furthermore, arthroscopic acetabuloplasty for DDH [Uchida et al. 2017], performing arthroscopic autologous osteochondral transplantation for cartilage damage. [Uchida et al. Arth Tech] Our department has been recognized as a teaching center by ISAKOS (International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopedic Sports Medicine) for the number of papers reported and the number of cases. In October 2018, I was elected as a board member of the International Society of Hip Arthroscopy (ISHA). It has become widely known both at home and abroad. In the future, in clinical research, we will make the most of our international network and conduct worldwide multicenter joint research. As for the development of surgical technology, we are the first in the world to perform arthroscopic arthroscopic arthroscopic arthroscopic acetabuloplasty, joint capsule shoelace suture technique, and arthroscopic osteochondral transplantation, all of which are minimally invasive and useful. It's a way. We would like to develop surgical instruments that enable many orthopedic surgeons to safely perform them, spread them widely, and further develop them. In the future, we would like to overcome various problems related to 1) severe and extensive cartilage damage, 2) age-related degeneration, and 3) acetabular dysplasia, which are the biggest factors for poor results in hip arthroscopic surgery. . I would like to aim for the early realization of clinical application of arthroscopic surgery combined with regenerative medicine using stem cells such as mesenchymal stem cells.

While combining the clinical research and basic research that we have been conducting to date, we will develop regenerative medicine using synovial MSCs combined with minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery to prevent progression to osteoarthritis. Early rehabilitation and early return to society can be achieved. This will lead to the prevention of locomotive syndrome in Japan's aging society, which will lead to the extension of healthy life expectancy.




For medical students who have entered the school as medical professionals, we believe that education is necessary not only to acquire medical knowledge and skills, but also to foster a compassionate heart and a sense of ethics as a medical professional. I would like to educate students so that they can practice medical care based on science, and grow into doctors with kindness and strength as human beings, and cooperativeness as members of society. We always listen to the voice of our patients, treat them with respect, and guide them to humble and devoted medical care. When providing medical care, I believe it is important to always ask myself, "Is this the kind of medical care that I and my family would want?" We believe that this will lead to the development of medical professionals with a wide range of education and rich sensibilities. We would like to grow together so that we can also become students' goals.

In addition, as a postgraduate education, we aim to foster the next generation of leaders in orthopedic surgery. Leaders must balance research and clinical practice as doctors and scientists. We will seek active research achievements, including basic and clinical, while guiding that this will lead to the development of world-class medical care and ultimately contribute to patients.

We will focus on creating a relaxed and rewarding environment where young doctors can fully demonstrate their abilities, draw out and further develop their individual abilities. I believe that these things will benefit the patients of our country, and that the future role of education will be to always pursue world-class medical care and spread it by passing on this mindset to our descendants.

Special notes   Important Things

International Arthroscopic Sports Orthopedic Society Certification ISAKOS approved Teaching Center

 From October 2015, it was approved as the second Teaching Center in Japan by the International Knee Arthroscopic Sports Orthopedic Society.


  Niigata University, Kobe University, Tohoku University, Kochi University, and Yokohama City University have come for training. going.


From top athletes to sports enthusiasts and students

Dispatch a team doctor

Team doctors are dispatched from professional sports teams such as the J League (Oita Trinita, Giravanz Kitakyushu), Rugby Top League, Basketball BJ League, etc. to adult baseball, university and high school teams, and collaborate with trainers at sports sites. We are creating an environment where people can enjoy sports with peace of mind.

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