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Miki Hayashi

Hayashi Miki

Obtained medical license: 2004

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■ Career

April 2003- Orthopedic Surgery, Kouseiren Takaoka Hospital

平成16年4月~ やわたメディカルセンター整形外科       _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

April 2005 - Orthopedic Surgery, Fukui Saiseikai Hospital

April 2006 - Orthopedic Surgery, Toyama Saiseikai Hospital

October 2007- Maizuru Mutual Aid Hospital Orthopedic Surgery

From April 2009, Orthopedic Surgeon, Kanazawa University Hospital

April 2010- Medical Director, Orthopedic Surgery, Imizu City Hospital

From April 2015, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Imizu Municipal Hospital

April 2017- Urata Clinic Orthopedic Surgery

From February 2020   Occupational and Environmental Health Wakamatsu Hospital Orthopedic Surgery  


■ Academic societies and activities in society

Japanese Orthopedic Association


Japan Shoulder Society

​ Japanese Orthopedic and Sports Society

Japanese Society of Anti-Aging Medicine


■ Educational background

2002 Entered Orthopedic Surgery, Kanazawa University Hospital

■ Sports history

Middle school/high school Athletics (middle and long distance)

Snowboarding, surfing, running


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