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Kazuki Yamada Kazuki Yamada M.D., 

Graduation year: H21

Nickname: Kazuki

■ Specialized field

 ・Sports orthopedics, hip surgery, knee surgery, arthroscopic surgery

■ Society-certified physicians, etc.

  • ・Japanese orthopedic society specialist

  • ・Japanese orthopedics certified sports doctor

  • ・Japan Sports Association official sports doctor

■ Career

2009 Saiseikai Yamagata Saisei Hospital initial clinical resident

2011 Okayama Medical Center Orthopedic Surgery (Okayama University Orthopedic Surgery)

2014 Mizushima Central Hospital Orthopedic Surgery

2015 Okayama University Orthopedic Surgery, Asahikawa Ryoikuen Medical Center


■ Educational background

2001 Graduated from Shizuoka Prefectural Shimizu Higashi High School

2009 Graduated from Yamagata University School of Medicine

2015 Entered Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences


■ Team, Tournament accompaniment

2015-2016 Okayama Pref. U-16 National Athletic Meet Doctor

■To everyone

My name is Kazuki Yamada, and I have been working here since April 2017. I am a graduate student of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Okayama University, and belong to the pediatric/hip joint group and the knee/sports group. This year, I will be taking a special leave of absence from graduate school for a year, and will be training at our hospital to acquire world-class hip arthroscopy techniques and knowledge.

Our hospital is a top-level facility for hip arthroscopy and sports arthroscopy. As for sports, I have suffered many injuries while playing soccer at elementary, junior high and high schools, and have been supported by the medical staff each time. Now that I have become a doctor, I believe that it is my mission to support athletes, and at the same time, I feel that it is a way to give back to the people involved in sports, especially soccer, who inspired me to become a doctor.

We are determined to devote ourselves every day to providing appropriate medical care not only to athletes, but also to patients suffering from hip and knee joint diseases in particular. Although I am a young person, I would appreciate your kind cooperation.


■ Academic papers

1. Kazuki Yamada, Toru Sato, Naofumi Shiota, Tomoki Tetsunaga, Masahiro Yoshida, Yusuke Mochizuki:

Examination of the tibial component installation angle in TKA using image-free navigation

Journal of Chubu Japan Orthopedic Traumatology Society Vol. 56 : No. 3 701-702, 2013

2. Kazuki Yamada, Toru Sato, Naofumi Shioda, Tomoki Tetsunaga, Masahiro Yoshida, Yoshinori Okazaki:

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